An Investor Day provides a company with the platform to communicate its strategic vision, while demonstrating the talent and depth of its management team to the market.

Given the significant amount of time senior executives dedicate to preparing for an Investor Day, the considerable budget most companies allocate for the event, and the potential for immediate market cap changes, it is critical that companies do all they can to ensure success.

Ipreo recently interviewed nearly 400 Investor Relations professionals from around the globe to better understand how they plan and execute Investor Days.
Study Population by Geography
Nearly half of all study respondents (174 companies) indicated that they host a formal Investor Day on a regular basis (at least bi-annually). Interestingly, large-cap issuers are more likely to undergo this exercise on an annual basis than are mid- and small-cap issuers.
Study Population by Market Cap
Most public companies which host an Investor Day allocate a specific budget to the event, and many large-cap companies have Investor Day budgets exceeding $200K. At the other end of the spectrum, some (mostly small- and mid-cap companies) indicated that they do not allocate incremental budget for these events. 
How frequently do you plan an Investor Day?
How large is your Investor Day budget?
Investor Day Advisory Solution

Why should you choose Ipreo’s Investor Day Advisory Solution?

An Investor Day is an important event, requiring substantial investments of management time and financial resources. The event has the potential to have a significant impact on your company’s market valuation, so choosing a partner with deep IR experience and expertise will help ensure your Investor Day is well planned and successfully executed.

Study conducted prior to the event to get direct feedback from investors and sell-side analysts. This helps to understand market sentiment regarding the investment story and formulate the communications strategy and key messages going into an Investor Day.
Targeting analysis performed to determine optimal combination of current investors, prospects and sell-side analysts for event invitations. This process is driven by Ipreo’s unique algorithm, which calculates an investor’s capacity to buy as well as likelihood of purchasing additional shares.
Access to Ipreo’s in-house team of experts who will partner with you in the months leading up to the event, providing support on critical aspects of your Investor Day, establishing KPIs, and ensuring a successful outcome.
Assist with the planning and execution of your Investor Day presentation by identifying key messages, outlining topics to cover and recommending which executives should be responsible for delivering the message.
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Our team will identify the most likely questions and prepare a Q&A document, which is aligned with key messages for the event.
Perception study conducted following the event to gather direct feedback from investors and sell-side analysts, to measure the effectiveness of the event, and to understand market feedback.
Ipreo’s Advisory Board will facilitate a full-day session to prepare the team for the event. During this session, your management team will be led through a full rehearsal for the presentation and Q&A.
Reporting and documentation of event objectives/KPIs as well as recap of event. Findings presented to the Board and teams will be based on post event Perception study.
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